iPhone 15 pro max hidden features: Maximize Your Device’s Potential

iphone 15 pro max hidden features

The iPhone 15 Pro Max hidden features are well known by Apple. iphone is Apple’s latest high-end smartphone, offering advanced features and cutting-edge technology.

It stands out with its sleek design, enhanced performance, and superior camera capabilities.

Do you know there are tons of iphone 15 pro max hidden features that you probably have never come across before now?

Away from the excitement of the launch of the iPhone 15 series (or maybe, not yet), we are here to extend your excitement as several fascinating features came with these devices.

So, whether you have purchased any of the iPhone 15 or are just about to do so, do not worry, you are on a good path.

So, whether you have purchased any of the iPhone 15 or are just about to do so, do not worry, you are on a good path.

 If you have yet to know or find out about these iPhone 15 pro max hidden features, then, do not worry, you have come to the right place.

 So, in this article, we discuss the top iPhone 15 pro max hidden features, tips, and tricks in the iPhone 15 Plus and 15 Pro Max to help you maximize the usage of your device.

iPhone 15 pro max hidden features and many Tips, and Tricks

Protect Your Battery Health with an 80% Charge Limit

iphone 15 pro max hidden features

The ability to set an 80% charge limit is one of the iPhone 15 Pro’s most notable features; this is an improvement above the default “Optimized Charging” feature.

This contributes to extending battery life because rapid degradation may result from keeping the battery fully charged.

Go to Battery settings and select ‘80% Limit’ under ‘Battery Health & Charging’ to activate this feature. Read more on Macworld about this feature and others that are altering how people use their iPhones.

More Detailed Battery Statistics

The advanced battery statistics that are available on the iPhone 15 models are another undiscovered gem. Explore your settings to find the year of manufacturing, the date of first usage, and the number of charge cycles on your battery.

 This information can be useful for determining the condition of your battery, especially for those who purchase used devices.

Handcrafted Action Button

The action button on an iPhone often doubles as a ring or quiet switch from the outset, but the iPhone 15 Pro Max does things very differently.
Thus, you would need to pick up some new skills if you are accustomed to the action button’s standard function of “ring or silent switch.” Like the iPhone 15 Plus, you can typically toggle between ring and silence by flipping the Ring/Silent switch.

To cover other modes, such as using the camera or voice recording, or activating the flashlight and magnifier, more options have been added to the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The fact that you can use it as a shortcut for other apps is more intriguing.

iphone 15 pro max hidden features

Inactive Mode

This new feature in the customizable lock screen mode turns the phone on its side and activates automatically when charging. It allows you to view additional crucial screen information from a distance.

Only when the phone is positioned for horizontal or vertical charging will this mode function.

Other standby views can be customized as needed by pressing and holding on to them. To accomplish this, select “Standby” from the options menu.

Customized Widgets

Apple has replaced the dull home screen widgets with more dynamic ones (like notebooks, podcast, and music) that let you operate your apps right from your home screen.

 You may think of it as a new control center. You can use the available widgets to be cautious, even though there is a limit to how many you can have on your home screen.

Long pressing space on your home screen will activate the “edit mode” so you may use this feature. A list appears; scroll through it, then click the + sign to add the item you want to the interactive widgets.

Personalized AI Support

This is your time to adjust whether or not you’ve always appreciated how clear and quick Siri’s voice was. You may adjust the volume and speech pace of Siri with the iOS 17 on the iPhone 15 Plus and Pro Max. Even more intriguing, your command doesn’t need to include prefixing it. Activate the assistant on the iPhone 15 Plus and provide your order, such as “Speak louder” or “Speak slowly,” to accomplish this.

Portrait Mode At Your Fingertips

Take beautiful pictures with ease, even without using the Portrait mode. When a person, dog, or cat is detected in the frame, the iPhone 15 Pro cameras now automatically retain the depth information required for portrait photographs, indicated by the ̒ sign. This also applies to things that you can manually tap to enable depth capture for.

iphone 15 pro max hidden features

 There are three steps involved in using the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

  • Open the Settings app, then choose Accessibility.
  •  Choose “Siri.”
  • To talk more slowly, move the speaking rate slide to the left; to speak more quickly, move it to the right.

Pay Attention to Information

You can ask Siri to assist you if you constantly have a hectic schedule and don’t have time to browse through news or information. To accomplish this, first choose the article, news, or information you want to read. Then, press and hold the side button to bring up Siri. Next, use a voice command, like “Read this to me.”

Real-time Voicemail

Apple built a live voicemail feature in the iPhone 15 Pro Max with your best interests in mind.

 This would assist you in determining whether to answer a call, hang up, or let the voicemail play.

Music Transition with Crossfade

Did you know that you can use this crossfade tool to become a DJ? To enable crossfade, go to the settings app, choose music, and click on it.

After that, choose the crossfade time (one to twelve seconds).

This would start the following song, which would then play softly in the background for the number of seconds selected before the current song ends.

Visual Laundry Code Lookup

This function is useful since it lets you decode laundry codes to figure out how to wash a certain type of cloth. To make use of this function, snap a photo of the symbols for laundry.

To examine the photo, open the photo app, slide up, and select “Look up laundry care.” A translation of each symbol’s meaning will appear.

Eliminate Confirmation Codes

To protect your data, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max include a startling hidden function that allows you to remove important verification codes.

Since this feature isn’t activated by default, go to the settings app, choose Password from the menu, and then activate the “clean up automatically” option.

This makes sure that after being utilized, all of your verification and authentication codes are removed from the destination apps.

Use the Offline Apple Maps

Previously, Apple maps could only be accessed online when online, but the iOS 17 operating system included in the iPhone 15 Plus and Pro Max now lets you download an offline map so you may travel uncharted territory without an internet connection.

 Go to Maps to accomplish this. Locate your profile photo icon in the upper right corner, choose “Offline Maps,” and then press the “Download New Map” button.

To use the map, enter a location (ideally a city), make the required changes, and download it to your device. Extremely simple; are you eager for an exciting journey?

Multiple Focal Lengths with the Main Camera

iphone 15 pro max hidden features

Photographers who love taking pictures will be thrilled to hear that the iPhone 15 Pro’s main camera can shoot at focal lengths that are comparable to 24mm, 28mm, and 35mm. Turn them on or off, and select your favorite default lens in the Camera settings so you can quickly switch between them when taking pictures with the Camera app.

Superior Quality Photography using ProRAW and HEIF File Formats

Photographing 48MP photos in the ProRAW or HEIF formats can be beneficial for serious photographers. The iPhone 15 Pro gives you the option to capture high-resolution photos with lesser file sizes or to do extensive post-processing; ‘idb’ has provided instructions for both in a YouTube video.

Mute Your Phone Without the Silent Mode Bell Icon

The iPhone 15 Pro has the feature of muting your phone without showing the little bell icon in the status bar, which is ideal for people who prefer a clean status bar. For a more streamlined appearance, locate this option in the ‘Sound and Haptics’ menu and toggle ‘Show in Status Bar’ off.

5x optical zoom

The enhanced low-light features were available for all the new iPhone models, but the iPhone 15 Pro Max was the only one to get a completely new camera sensor. A new 12MP telephoto sensor on the handset allows for 5x optical and 25x digital zoom. At a distance of 120mm with an f/2.8 lens, the camera produces remarkable images.

As opposed to other Android phones, which use a periscope telephoto sensor specifically for zooming, Apple chose to employ a tetra prism design. Even though it lags behind the competition, this is the most Apple has ever provided on an iPhone, and it’s still fantastic to view. Unfortunately, this feature is exclusive to the larger 15 Pro Max and is not available on the normal iPhone 15 Pro.

iphone 15 pro max colours


Many iPhone 15 pro max hidden features, hints, and techniques that improve user experience and device functionality are brought to the table by the .

These devices offer unprecedented levels of customization and customisation, ranging from customized action buttons and superior battery management settings to cutting-edge capabilities like interactive widgets, customizable AI help, and Standby Mode.

The iPhone’s usefulness and convenience are increased by other capabilities including live voicemail, crossfade music transition, visual laundry code lookup, and offline Apple Maps. The new camera features, which include a 5x optical zoom, variable focal lengths, and high-resolution pictures, will be appreciated by photography fans.

All things considered, these undiscovered capabilities guarantee that customers can get the most out of their iPhone use, simplifying and improving daily chores.

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