Ram black widow: Elevate Your Drive

ram black widow

The ram black widow package includes a premium six-inch lift kit that turns your Ram 1500 into a vehicle that can conquer the toughest trails.

You’ll ride high above other drivers on the road with this truck, even if they’re driving a stock full-size truck.

 The lift kit boasts high-strength cross members, steering knuckles, and upper control arms that keep your head and shoulders above the competition.

Your lifted Dodge Ram 1500 would not be complete with just a lift kit. After all, this is fairly easy to find and install by oneself.

 It does not, however, offer the same perks that you’ll enjoy with a ram black widow 1500. This rugged truck comes with FOX shock absorbers that are industry-renowned.

Even folks who know little about cars are liable to recognize the FOX logo. They use a floating internal piston to provide fade-free performance that smooths your ride, even over broken ground.

With a six-inch lift and incredible shock absorption technology, one may think the ram black widow package is complete. They’d be wrong, however.

They have deep traction and durable sidewalls that will keep you traveling even over the roughest terrain.

 The ram black widow package also replaces the standard Ram 1500 wheels with a set of 20-inch ones with black painted rings and bright red brake calipers that offer a powerful splash of color.

Dynamic Ram Black Widow 1500 Style

One of the best things about getting the ram black widow version of a lifted Ram 1500 is the style elements included in the package.

 Black hood vents bearing the ram black widow name jut from the hood of this truck, calling everyone’s attention to the impressive nature of your vehicle.

You’ll also find premium badging on the truck’s doors; they resemble a ram Black Widow spider.

The ram black widow cabin is also replete with luxurious appointments.

 The ram black widow logo on the headrests of your front seat will impress your friends and family, while the custom display gauges are a pleasure to take in.

You will enjoy the custom upholstery, stitching, and paint job of your new lifted Ram 1500 cabin.

This full-size truck is durable, muscular, and stylish. It has the power you need to tow heavy loads and surmount incredible obstacles, all while being comfortable enough to serve as a daily driver or family vehicle.

 Your truck will be unstoppable with the ram black widow package added.

20″ wheels with black painted rings are standard RAM Black Widow equipment.

 As an option, trim rings can be color-matched to the truck’s exterior for a truly unique custom look.

 Bright red caliper covers compliment the Black Widow’s aggressive wheel design with the perfect splash of color to make this a detailed custom pickup.

Purchase Journey for a Ram 1500 Black Widow

Purchasing a lifted Ram 1500 with the Black Widow package is significantly easier than getting all the parts and lifting a truck yourself.

Black Widow Trucks gets their vehicles directly from Ram trucks, after which they upfit them with all the impressive features described above. This has several advantages compared to lifting a car yourself:

You don’t need to worry about finding parts

Your truck won’t be out of commission during installation

The warranty on your vehicle won’t be voided by DIY part integration

You can finance a new lifted Ram 1500 Black Widow

 Once we sort out the financial side, you must sit back and wait for your sleek, rugged new truck to arrive on our lot.

Start Driving Your New Lifted Ram 1500

Imagine it: you ride high above the road, easily conquering the trails and dominating the streets in town. Everyone stops to take in your sleek vehicle with its massive tires, slick badges, and stunning off-road abilities.

 Every time you climb into the truck, you’re struck by the Black Widow aesthetics that adorn your cabin and doors. If you order a new Ram 1500 Black Widow, this future can be yours.

We are happy to install your Ram 1500 lift kit, help you get into the driver’s seat of a new Black Widow Ram 1500, or sell you a vehicle from our impressive new Ram 1500 Classic inventory.

All of these options will see you driving a powerful and rugged truck. We stand ready to help, no matter your preferences.

The finance team at our dealership works hard to offer competitive, low-rate financing packages to qualifying drivers.

 The rest of our staff goes above and beyond to service your vehicle and your needs. When you come and work with us, you can rest assured that you’ll be treated with respect and dignity.

 Visit us today to test drive a lifted Ram 1500 with the imposing Black Widow package.

Black Widow Interior Features

Custom Leather Seats

Black Widow Cluster Gauges

Black Widow Custom Stitched Headrests

Painted Interior Trim

 Wheels and Tires

35 Inch BF Goodrich All-Terrain KO2 Tires

20 Inch Black Widow Wheels

Black Widow Red Brake Calipers

Black Widow Logo Center Caps

Take your truck’s interior to the next level.

Over the years, manufacturers have taken the pickup truck from a pure workhorse into a luxury automobile. At Black Widow, we take those premium appointments and turn them up to another level.

Each Black Widow truck comes with custom upholstery with our logo on the headrests, custom stitching, painted Interior trim, and custom-designed gauge clusters.

 This will remind you and your passengers each time they climb into the cab that the finest materials in the industry surround them.

Special Edition Black Widow

The Armed Forces Special Edition Black Widow pays homage to military personnel who fight or have fought for our country daily.

 A portion of the proceeds for this limited-edition RAM goes to Wish For Our Heroes, Inc. This organization lends support to active-duty military personnel and their families through donations of basic supplies to make wishes come true.

The package includes many elements on the RAM 1500 ram black widow, 20-inch Matte Black wheels, a matte gray paint job reminiscent of the military, and a gray interior adorned with unique badging.

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