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roof curb

Roof curbs are important to the overall functioning of the complete roofing gadget. Roof curbs are elevated metal frameworks that are intended to securely mount roof-mounted constructions.

Accessories that mount above the roof and those that penetrate the surface of the roof are installed in the frames.  A nicely mounted roof diminish guarantees that the accessory has a level platform for attachment.
Additionally, they may be clad with flashing to prevent undesirable water damage from seepage through the roof’s membrane.

Scheme of roof curb

There are many points to consider before installing roofing sheets. It is important to know the sound of the roof as well as the design and manufacturer of the roof. Different panels may have different profile styles and rib height requirements. Paint color can be useful to know how roof curb can be custom painted to match your roof.

Improperly installed roof insulation can cause up to 30% loss of performance due to leakage, heat loss, or air loss in the ventilation system, which is why it is important to consult with a professional roof installer who has knowledge of properly installing roof edges and ensuring leaks are working points.

Important features for the safety and security of your roof

There is a fair amount of hatches, skylights, vents, condensers, and fans in almost every business building. They all cost money, add weight to your roof, and have to penetrate the pores of your roof to do their job. Roof doors are an important part of protecting your investment in equipment, ensuring safety, preventing malfunctions, and avoiding damage as water leaks.

Whenever a commercial roof has clearance, the roof may need to be tied.

It can be helpful to think of roof gates (also known as ‘roof barriers’) as a kind of technologically similar barrier area between the commercial roof opening and the protective roof itself

Considering the many different reasons why a commercial roof may need to be opened, we consider:

water heater, air conditioning, or air conditioning

  • Chiller input/output
  • Evaporative Cooling Equipment
  • Stovepipes for manufacturing
  • Bright sky lights
  • chimneys

Specifically, wherever portal support is required on the roof of a commercial building, the roof rails serve to provide support for the installed equipment (i.e. HVSC unt), and also maintain the insulated barriers of the building and between the external environment

Different types of roofing options

There is no one-size-fits-all roofing solution for every roof for sale in Colorado. That’s why it’s important for a commercial roofing contractor to know how to connect roofing solutions to the devices on the roof.

A-to-Z Roofing & Exteriors has the ability to source and install custom roof curb that will provide rugged protection and durability for decades.

Some of the most common roof insulation used on roofs in our region include:

Pipe curbs for drainage

Pipe curbs are typically 14”-high and come with or without integrated boot pipe access systems.

Steel-roof-specific roof curb

Metal roofs have special roof fastening requirements. Many roofing system manufacturers sell custom Gal Value roofing systems that are easily installed on metal roofs that support existing structures.

Vibration-removal isolation-roof-curb

Primarily used to dampen vibrations from industrial HVAC equipment, vibration canceling roofs use specially designed suspension systems to reduce noise and sound transmission on the snow

Insulated roof curb

An insulated roof is highly recommended here in Colorado! These roof lines use up to 3 pounds of durable material to provide maximum protection from the cold in the colder months and the heat in the warmer months

platformed/catwalk roof curb

Sometimes heavy duty roof rails are required to support platforms used to mount power transformers or other heavy equipment, and in these cases, a gusset roof edge is required if it has a fair amount of weight.

It is common for roof fasteners to be replaced or reinstalled during a complete commercial roof replacement.This might not be required in every situation, though.

Also, in the event of additional roof structures (eg: ventilation or mud cooling), it may be necessary to modify the model of roofing techniques specific to the installed roof filter bot this is not always true; Sometimes a roof curb adapter can be used on an existing roof curb.

Knockdown Curb

This roof curb carries unassembled ships, and can easily be used to hide your inventory. It’s an inexpensive option, and with some basic tools, it’s a very easy field integration!

Welded Curb

This roof curb saves time in the field because it ships fully assembled, but welded construction is expensive to sip, and sometimes requires the use of a crane to get it onto a roof and established.

Adjustable Pitch

MicroMetl adjustable pitch curbs are designed to increase up to one-twelfth of an inch in any direction. An adjustable pitch curb creates sails, is less expensive than a fixed pitch welded curb, and provides facility flexibility.

Platform Curb

This curb has insulated metal covering, standard wood nailers, is designed to support horizontal roof units, split-system dense sections, or various similar items, and can be tied to its surface, or concrete slab.

Horizontal Curbs

This accepts a down discharge RTU, and diverts the airflow from the side(s), or ends, of the curb, and converts it into a horizontal application

Structurally Calculated Curbs

There will be times when building codes will require a calculated, or seismic-rated, roof curb approved and stamped by a professional engineer These requirements are typically based on the California Building Code and International Building Code.

Vibration Isolation Curbs

Isolation curbs have a rigid steel spring with a deflection of two inches. It is designed and manufactured to control the noise and vibration generated by mechanical devices enclosed in curb mounts from the roof deck.

The Wind Curb

Designed to allow the roof rack to protect the curb in strong wind conditions. They were discovered after Hurricane Andrew devastated South Florida. The airway is PE-stamped and requires a field anchor.

Metal Roof Curb

Designed for metal roofs. This curb will always require solid construction, and no wooden rivets are complete around it. Instead, the Metal Roof Curb remains exposed, requiring additional sealing upon installation.

Time to Replace Roof Curb

Leaks around roof insulation are common, as this is a vulnerable area that can be damaged when environmental damage causes roofing materials to leak and allows water to enter the roof opening the

In Colorado, roofing systems take a long beating due to high nucleation, wild temperature fluctuations and heavy rainfall. For this reason, roof passages should be inspected at least once a year. It should be handled immediately by a professional roofing contractor with commercial experience.

By choosing the Right roof Curb for your roof

Choosing the best roof line for your commercial building is important, and it shouldn’t be hard to do. Our team at R&S Roof Products is here to help you choose the right roofing solution for your existing or new roof.

Whether you need roof insulation on exhaust fans, HVAC units, or other appliances, we have you covered with reliable solutions.

Advantages of using roofing techniques

Roof lines are raised structures that support equipment and access points on a flat roof. Here are some of the advantages of using roofing techniques

Excellent stability

Roof paths provide a stable and secure platform for equipment, reducing the risk of damage or slippage.

Improved ventilation

Roof insulation can help improve ventilation in appliance systems by providing adequate clearance for ductwork and appliances.

Water efficiency

Roof insulation can help keep water away from appliances and access points, reducing water damage.

Improved access

Roof access makes equipment easier to access and maintain, reducing the need for scaffolding or ladders.

Improved safety

Roof paths provide workers with a safe and secure platform to access equipment, reducing the risk of slips, trips or falls.

Energy efficiency: Roof doors can help improve the energy efficiency of mechanical systems by providing adequate space for insulation and ventilation.

Long-term improvement

Roof entrances are made of high-quality materials and designed to withstand the elements, providing long-term protection for equipment and access


Roof shutters are available in a variety of sizes and styles, making it easy to find the right solution for any project.

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