Thor’s hammer meat: Mastering the Art of Flavorful Cooking

Thor's hammer meat

The Thor’s Hammer meat (also called Volcano Cut Shank) comes from the hind shank of beef. While this is one of the toughest cuts on the animal, it’s full of flavor due to its high collagen content.

 For those willing to put in the time and effort, an extended time in the smoker or a long, slow braise yields a flavorful eating experience that can please a crowd and impress every dinner guest.


The Thor’s hammer meat (also called Volcano Cut Shank) comes from the top part of the leg of the cow.

(also called Volcano Cut Shank) comes from the top part of the leg of the cow.

 While this is one of the toughest cuts on the animal, it’s full of flavor due to its high collagen content.

This is not a good cut for the beginner, but for those with little experience, an extended time in the smoker or a long, slow braise yields a flavorful eating experience that can please a crowd and impress mere mortal bystanders.

Our “Thor’s hammer meat” Beef Shanks are individually packaged and weigh between 4.0 and 6.0 lbs.

They are dry-aged for two weeks and flash-frozen to preserve freshness.

Beef Shin/Thor’s Hammer meat


· 2kg beef shank

· tablespoon of olive oil

· one large onion, chopped

· one carrot, chopped

· ½ cup dry red wine

· 10 cloves garlic, thinly sliced

· one sprig of fresh rosemary


Step 1:

Set the oven’s temperature to 150 degrees Celsius first.

Step 2:

Season the beef shank with salt and pepper. In a large ovenproof pan, heat the oil over medium-high heat. In oil, over medium-high heat. If necessary, sear the leg in batches for three minutes on each side or until both sides are golden brown. Move to a platter. After lowering the heat to medium, add the o ion and stir. After adding the onion, turn the heat down to medium.

 Add the carrots to the pot when the vegetables are soft, and stir-fry for about three minutes. Add it, boil, and go when the wine is almost reduced.

Add the garlic, rosemary, and ½ teaspoon salt, then return the shank to the pot. Nestle the leg into the tomatoes, then add the stock (it should almost cover the shank).

 Bring to a simmer. Place tin foil over the pot, put it in the oven, and braise the meat for about three hours or until it is very tender.

Step 3:

 Transfer the cooked s sank to a cutting board. Coarsely shred the meat from the legs, discarding big globs in fat.

 Simmer the shredded meat once more in the sauce over medium-high heat for ten minutes or until the sauce reduces slightly. After adding salt and pepper, serve.

This unique and substantial cut of beef offers a remarkable blend of quality, flavour, and culinary potential.

Thor’s hammer meat: Cut and Size

 “Thor’s hammer meat” Beef Shank is an imposing and substantial cut that weighs around 10 pounds on average.

This whole shank offers bone-in and meat, making it a versatile centerpiece for creating flavorful and impressive dishes.


 The high grade signifies the highest quality of beef. It assures superior marbling and succulent, flavorful, and tender meat. “Thor’s Hammer” Beef Shank promises an extraordinary dining experience due to its quality.

Ageing Process

 The 40+ days of ageing is a remarkable feature of the cut. During this ageing period, natural enzymes break down the muscle fibers, enhancing the shank’s tenderness and concentrating its beefy flavor. The ageing process imbues the meat with a depth and complexity that is truly exceptional.


 Sourced from Ontario, this beef is the product of grass-fed cattle known for their sustainable and natural pasture-based upbringing.

This contributes to the meat’s incredible taste and aligns with the principles of sustainability and responsible sourcing.

Culinary Versatility

 “Thor’s hammer meat” Beef Sank offers many culinary possibilities. It’s an ideal choice for braising, slow cooking, and roasting.

 The meat is deeply flavorful, and the bone marrow within the shank adds a rich and gelatinous quality to eggs and sauces.

Thor’s hammer meat: Flavor Profile

 The beef shank boasts a rich and intense beefy flavor, further accentuated by the ageing process.

 The marrow and the bone structure contribute to its flavor complexity, making it an ideal candidate for hearty, slow-cooked dishes.

Thor’s hammer meat Presentation

 When serving “Thor’s hammer meat” Beef Shank, it’s substantial size and attractive marbling make it a visually striking centerpiece for special occasions or impressive feasts.


 This beef shank pairs wonderfully with complementary ingredients, including root vegetables, aromatic herbs, and red wine-based sauces.

When slow-cooked, it creates a rich and deeply flavored broth or sauce that can be used in a wide range of dishes.

Cooking Techniques

 Slow-braising, roasting, or steaming is recommended to prepare “Thor’s hammer meat” Beef Shank. The long, slow cooking process helps tenderize the meat and extract its rich flavors.

What cut of meat is Thor’s Hammer?

Thor’s hammer meat is the beef shank of the cow. The cut comes from the shin of the animal and is a heavily used muscle, which means it is a very tough cut of beef.

 Generally speaking, the closer to the ground the amounts on the animal, the tougher it is. That’s why they say people who are well off financially live high on the hog because the meat high on the pig (and the cow) is more tender than those down low.

The tops of both animals yield the tenderloins and loins, which is where all those expensive steaks come from on the cow. Lower down, we have the harder working muscles, which make them tough.

 Luckily, we have a great equalizer for tough cuts of meat in that the low heat over a long period will allow us to make that meat tender and keep it juicy.

My butcher, the fine folks at Beast Butcher & Block in St. Louis, trimmed this up for me and tied it off just like in the pic above to keep all that meat together during the long cooking process. They do a phenomenal job.
From Thor’s Hammer to Tender Delight

The beef shank is a hot commodity lately because of the awesome presentation, both raw and cooked, in which this tough cut of beef looks like a huge mallet or Hammer.

Dubbed the Thor’s hammer meat, or Beef Hammer, all of which I will use interchangeably in this recipe, adds to the mystique. It is all over social media.

The beef hammer is not an easy cut of meat to cook. Luckily, this recipe will go through all the ins and outs of how to smoke a shank properly.

Scroll down to see step-by-step, picture-by-picture, foolproof grilling instructions on how to make a Smoked Beef Shank, AKA Meat Hammer, including the keys to make this cut into something tender and juicy.

Smoked Beef Shank, AKA Meat Hammer Ingredients

One tied-off beef shank, aka the beef hammer, approximately 5-6 lbs

Two cans of stout beer

Two tablespoons of salt

Your favorite BBQ rub, preferably a beef seasoning

Other gear needed for this recipe

1-gallon resalable bag (and a rubber band)

Two disposable aluminum pans

One food-safe squirt bottle

Aluminum foil
Wrapping It Up

 “Thor’s hammer meat” Beef Shank, whole, 40+ days aged, AAA-grade, Onta io grass-fed, with an average weight of 10 pounds, is an extraordinary and highly versatile cut of beef.

It represents the pinnacle of meat quality, with its marbling, ageing, and grass-fed attributes resulting in a dining experience that’s both remarkable and unforgettable.

 Whether you’re a master chef looking for a show-stopping dish or a dedicated home cook seeking the finest ingredients, this beef shank offers an exceptional choice for c eating exquisite and flavorful culinary masterpieces.

Guiding the way

While the big Thor’s hammer meat sticking out looks cool, it’s also notorious for puncturing packaging. Though they are safely wrapped, we can’t vacuum seal them.

 As a result, these will likely have air in the packaging and some ice crystals. We expect this to be fine with quality.

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