Polalight Advanced teeth whitening in 5 days

Polalight Advanced

Polalight is an advanced tooth whitening system that combines Pola’s award-winning whitening formula with an LED mouthpiece for a faster whitening treatment. From just 20 minutes a day, Polalight delivers whiter teeth in 5 days. Polalight is a portable, rechargeable, and easy-to-use at-home whitening kit.


Fast acting, handing over whiter teeth in as little as five days.

It is formulated to eliminate long-term stains safely.

Fully rechargeable for future teeth whitening treatments.

Returns a patient’s smile to the whitest natural color feasible.

Demineralization to reinforce the teeth.

Extra hydration to minimize sensitivity.

Polalight’s superior teeth whitening device combines Pola’s award-winning whitening formulation with an LED mouthpiece. This integrated system offers you an expanded tooth whitening result.

Portable, rechargeable, and smooth to put on without using a twine attached to the Pola LED mouthpiece – Polalight is the correct preference for whitening your tooth quickly these days and in future top-up remedies.

The specific mixture of soothers, conditioners, and high water content material reduces sensitivity, making Pola one of the most comfortable teeth whitening systems.

Available in nine. Five hydrogen peroxide and 22% carbamide peroxide

Polalight – 6% Hydrogen Peroxide Kit

Polalight is an advanced teeth whitening device from SDI that mixes Pola’s award-winning whitening formulation with an LED mouthpiece that helps boost the whitening manner.

• Fast acting, delivering whiter tooth in as little as five days.

• Formulated to remove long-time stains soundly.

• Fully rechargeable for future teeth whitening remedies.

• Demineralization to bolster the tooth.

• Extra hydration to minimize sensitivity.

The Polalight machine comes with Pola Day 6% hydrogen peroxide gel. Polalight is straightforward and snug to use domestically, with treatment alternatives from just 20 minutes a day. The gels are speedy acting and are formulated to do away with long-term stains in as little as five days.


The high viscosity, impartial pH tooth whitening gel guarantees the greatest affected person consolation in a take-home package. Blending soothers, conditioners, and excessive water content also helps lower sensitivity.

The Pola LED mouthpiece is dual arch and an average length, doing away with the want for chair time and custom trays – saving both the patient and the clinician time.

The Polalight’s top-class packaging is crafted to elevate the attraction of Polalight above other less powerful pharmacies and online answers on the market. This gives clinicians the confidence and support to persuade customers of the benefits of expert tooth whitening.


• 1 x Pola LED mouthpiece

• 4 x 3g Pola Day enamel whitening syringes

• 1 x USB charging cord

• 1 x preparation manual with a coloration guide

A Portable Solution for Whiter Smiles

An exceptional-of-both-worlds solution, SDI’s new Polalight is a sophisticated at-home whitening device formulated with an excessive water content material and a precise blend of soothers and conditioners that work together to reduce sensitivity at some point of whitening treatment. Dr. Miles Cone, a prosthodontist in Portland, ME, is glad to offer his patients a transportable option for their whitening wishes. “No one desires to sit in a dental office and watch for whitening remedy proper now,” he shared. They can go domestic and whiten without the threat of person-to-individual touch.”


The Right Formula for Every Patient

Offering a 5-day treatment habitual, Polalight can be used twice an afternoon for 10 or 15 minutes, depending on the concentration of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Along with its precise hydrating formulation, the whitening gel is formulated to remineralize enamel while safely removing lengthy-term stains. The transportable, rechargeable Pola LED mouthpiece is simple to wear and may be full of Pola Day and Pola Night whitening gel. 

Dr. Cone appreciates that distinctive concentrations are to be had, which lets him prescribe remedies tailor-made to each patient’s whitening wishes and sensitivity issues. “Most dental offices distribute whitening gel with 37% hydrogen peroxide. However, this attention may be too excessive for some sufferers,” Dr. Cone said. Polalight is top-notch secure, doesn’t burn the gums, and has produced the whitest herbal color over the years. Best of all, sufferers can whiten from the comfort of their own houses.”

How to purchase?

There are several manufacturers and strategies for tooth whitening to be bought online or over the counter, but they must be more dependable and secure. It is crucial to consult your dentist if you are seeking to whiten your tooth, as they may be able to verify the health of your enamel and decide whether it’s secure to whiten it. Clinical research has shown that bleaching with ceramide or hydrogen peroxide if completed correctly beneath the software or instruction of a dentist, is safe for enamel and gums.

What causes tooth discoloration?

Everyone’s teeth are specific. Therefore, they discolor and stain in unique ways. The discoloration or staining of a person’s tooth is usually caused by coffee, black tea, herbal tea, crimson wine, highly spiced foods, curry, and smoking cigarettes.

How does tooth whitening work?

When a whitening product is applied to the enamel, it breaks down into water and oxygen ions. The oxygen ions enter the tooth and attack the lengthy stain molecules to smash them down quickly and colorlessly successfully. These quick and colorless molecules are then obviously eliminated from the teeth by way of saliva. The depth of whitening is related to the wide variety of ions available and the duration of time they may be at the teeth.

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